Every few years Fly line makers tend to upgrade or discontinue main stay fly line selections. This year, 2019, we see the DQ of the Rio Trout LT line. This line was instrumental for flyfishing person wanting to fish a line for slow to medium fast action fly lines on small streams.  Ideally suited to those wishing to cast small dry flies on creeks, small lakes and ponds.

Replacing the LT is the Technical Trout series of lines. A different taper that not only is suited for the slow action rods on intimate waters, this fly line will land softly to sipping trout at 50 feet. What surprised me the most is how it loaded a medium fast action rod inside of 20 feet, but on the next cast I could almost “parachute” cast a 45-50 foot bomber that landed so soft it would spook those actively feeding trout.

If you feel in love with the LT, then the Technical Trout will keep that love alive and up the game for distant casting as well.

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